I can eat dessert any time of the day. One of my favorite places to go after work is Churros Calientes located on 11521 Santa Monica Blvd La Ca 90025.

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Review: Churros Calientes

So I heard about this gem from a couple friends of mine who hailed these churros as the best and only way to end an extremely gluttonous meal. I, being a thoroughbred glutton, didn’t need much convincing- I was already sold at the word “churro”. And oh man, did I make the right decision.

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Some Like It Hot: Churros Calientes Hits The Spot

This cute little spot right next to the super-indie Royal Theatre is apparently co-owned by a Venezuelan soap opera actor and a Bolivian model. If that’s not caliente enough for you, the food here certainly is.

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A Taste Of LA: Churros Calientes

Yesterday Cathy posted her incredible churros con chocolate cupcake recipe. Well folks, the first step is admittance. We admit our addiction, and it’s time to introduce our churros joint to the world.  Meet Churros Calientes.

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