A little about us

Churros Calientes is dedicated to the concept of being organic when possible and environmentally friendly. Our holistic approach to cuisine, beverages and atmosphere goes beyond the customers’ experience, transcending culinary preferences. We use the most fresh and natural ingredients available and continue to forge into new territory when it comes to the use of recyclable, reusable and biodegradable packaging and disposal.

Learn about Our process

Using only the freshest and organic ingredients. Churros Calientes is dedicated to crafting food with quality and love. This passion for our food is reflected in the delicate flavors you enjoy. We invite you to take a look into our kitchen, and discover the delicious food we make for you at our Cafe-Bistro.

“We make your churros here and now, fresh at the moment”

Know about Our philosophy


We reduce our CO2 emissions by limiting our use of plastics and petroleum-based products in our restaurants. In addition, we source local and natural organic ingredients and give you the best in filtered water as opposed to bottled.


The benefits of recycling are as crucial as the ingredients in our churros, that is why we use recycled paper and napkins and always recycle any possible product in our range.


Taking a proactive stance on the type of oil we cook with is important. You will only find a sustainable oil source being used to cook our churros. To counter balance and even eliminate our carbon footprint in this world, we will donate enough trees to plant five times the amount we burn. California will benefit environmentally and socially when costumers choose Churros Calientes. All used grease will be donated for the production of bio-fuels.

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